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New Study Reveals e-Butterfly Provides Unique and Important Data

CANNA BOLENTINO FALCON HERCULES BOAT 2.70MT 50-200gOpportunistic data collection programs like e-Butterfly allow volunteers to report species observations from anywhere, and can quickly assemble large volumes of both historic and current data. But how valuable is the data? A CANNA BOLENTINO SEARIDER TELEBOAT 2.70MT 200GR by researchers at the University of Ottawa used eButterfly data and a comparable dataset of professionally collected observations across Canada to measure the amount of new distributional and regional species richness information that opportunistic citizen science generates. We’re pleased to learn, because of great volunteers like you, e-Butterfly provides incredible data for science and conservation!


Take Part in the 2018 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz!

From July 28 to August 5, butterfly watchers across North America are invited to take part in the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz to help provide a valuable snapshot of Monarch population status across their late summer range. Participation is simple: find a milkweed patch and look for Monarchs, counting the number of stems you examined as well as the number of eggs, caterpillars, pupae, and adults. Then, share your observations with Mission Monarch.

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Making 2018 a Big eButterfly Year

CANNA BOLOGNESE YUKI NEOX YOKO 7mtCANNE À PÊCHE BAD BASS TRIO LUMIÈRE 110g 4.40mt SURFCASTING ANNEAUX FUJICanna da bolentino Colmic Dentice 2.70mt 70-350g 2sezioni

We hear from many users who tell us how eButterfly has helped them learn more about butterflies and has made their butterflying more fun and have more purpose. We also hear from many great butterfly watchers who say that they want to submit to eButterfly more often or that they “keep meaning to get started” but have yet to “take the plunge.” Together, let’s make 2018 a big eButterfly year!  (more…)

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